I never dreamt that I would work from home making planner stickers when I was younger, but here I am, 33 years old and that is exactly what I have been doing for the last 7 years! I've always been creative since I could hold a pencil, I used to draw my Pokémon as a kid and being an only child I ended up with quite the imagination. I was always in the art department at school, anything creative and I'm probably going to try it! 

Being sucked into the planner community has been such a blessing, I've made so many friends and I've been lucky enough to attend planner meetups and conferences!

I can't thank you all enough for your support and your business. That you choose to shop here still blows my mind and I appreciate it so very much. 

Much Love, Janine

Keep scrolling to meet the rest of the team!


William is the reason I found the planner community, we got married in November 2015 and by January we both realised that we couldn't adult. I started looking for a planner to help me (I've always had some form of planner) but I needed something more. I stumbled upon the Happy Planner and that was it. 

William is not really a planner. He's a little chaotic but he prints and cuts the orders on top of his job to help me out! He helps me out with the shop so much. William is always there to support me and keep pushing me. Let's give three cheers to William! 


Luna exploded into our lives in October 2018 with a bang. She’s a Golden Retriever and she’s chaos. But she is a very big part of our shop and our lives. She also makes for a really cute shop logo!

A few years ago she was very sick and the planner community really pulled through to help us pay her medical bills. Late last year we launched the Luna collection, functional planner stickers but with a little Luna character. Supporting the shop in turn supports Luna (she eats a lot and goes through toys constantly!) 

So that's the faces behind the shop! And a little bit about us!